Presentation and objectives

EuropeG was founded in 2011 within the IEB Foundation with the support of Obra Social “la Caixa”, Abertis, Gas Natural Fenosa, Fundació Agbar, Agrolimen and Grupo Planeta. EuropeG was created with the intention of contributing to the creation and dissemination of informed opinion on subjects considered particularly important in the field of economics and the orientation of economic policy in Catalonia, Spain and Europe. Its objective is to analyse and offer proposals to the relevant actors in the institutional, economic, social and political fields.

For this, it will draw on the work of research centres and university departments, as well as contributions from its members. EuropeG intends to act with rigour and with a high level of credibility and prestige, providing a bridge between academia and public opinion. EuropeG must contribute to the creation of a basic, integrative consensus on the subjects on which it intervenes, and will seek to exercise a leadership function in the field of thought.